NBsushi and Noodle
NBsushi and Noodle


Some entrees are spicy. 

Are you worried about raw dish? Don't be worried, all ingredients are cooked.

California Roll          


For Beginner   


This is the most popular roll and it was originated from Los Angeles in California. We'd recommend it to the beginner. Smooth crab and the nutty avocado flavor makes it feel very fresh and cool.

cucumber, avocado, seaweed, sesame, crab

Spicy Roll                   


Mild spicy  


Homemade spicy sauce added with California roll. It is recommended to the people who are spicy flavor lovers.

cucumber, avocado, seaweed, sesame, crab, spicy sauce.

Vegetable Roll           


For Vegetarians  


Only made of fresh cucumber, carrot and avocado. Highly recommended for vegetarians or people on a diet. It contains a lot of dietary fiber.

cucumber, avocado, seaweed, sesame, carrot.

Beef Roll           



It is made of Korean style BBQ which is well known as Bulgogi. Bulgogi is a very popular dish in Korea. Sweet soy sauce adds to the flavor.


cucumber, avocado, lettuce, seaweed, sesame, beef

Spicy Pork Roll           




We use Korean traditional spicy sauce. It gives an unique flavor, we'd recommend it to people who like spicy.

cucumber, avocado, lettuce, seaweed, sesame, pork with spicy sauce

Cream Cheese Roll           



Smoked salmon and smooth cream cheese make feel soft and it contains Omega3 which is good for health.


red pepper, smoked salmon, seaweed, sesame, cream cheese

Salmon Roll           



Soft light and sweet taste Salmon contains Omega3 fatty acids and DHA. For those women care skin and students use brain, especially it can be recommended.


cucumber, avocado, crab, seaweed, sesame, smoked salmon

Shrimp Roll           


Mild spicy 

The Shrimp and home made spicy sauce may feel that it is spicy exotic blends. Shrimp contains Taurine for health promotion and has an effect on fatigue.

cucumber, avoacado, seaweed, sesame, shrimp with spicy sauce





Inari consists of fried Tofu and rice. Tofu is made of vegetable protein-rich food. Tofu has low calorie and saturated fat does not contain cholesterol. It is good for people on a diet. Also Tofu is rich in calcium to help keeping teeth, bone health. 


                                           Ingredients : rice, sesame, fried Tofu

Spring Roll           



Spring rolls are a large variety of filled, rolled appetizers found in East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine. The name is a literal translation of the Chinese chūn juǎn (春卷 'spring roll'). Variety vegetables makes you to feel fresh and healthy.


Ingredients : variety vegetables + rice paper

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